Click here to download Delegate Lierman’s 2020 Scholarship Application


RETURNING AWARD WINNERS ONLY: If you received a scholarship last year from Delegate Lierman, you DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE A NEW APPLICATION. Please send a letter with the following information: (1) Name, Current Address + Permanent Address, Phone, Email, School Attending, Expected Graduation Date  (2)  Letter to Delegate Lierman describing your fall semester, including any surprises, challenges faced, and your plans for the spring semester and summer; (3) transcript with grades from the fall semester.  All students with a B average or above will be eligible for a $500-$1000 award.


NEW APPLICANTS: Every year, each Senator and Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly receives legislative scholarship funds through the Maryland Higher Education Commission to award to their constituents. If you live in the 46th District (enter your address here to determine your legislative district), you can Senate Ferguson, Delegate Clippinger, Delegate Lewis, and me to apply for some of that assistance. Every legislator has their own awards criteria and deadlines, so please be sure to check with each office for more information.

Please note: We have LIMITED funds available. Because Del. Lierman does not give awards of less than $500, she is unable to give an award to everyone who applies.

To be eligible for a Delegate Scholarship, you must plan to attend a Maryland college or university, or a private career school.  Private career schools must have the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s approval to operate and be accredited by a national accrediting association approved by the US. Department of Education.  You may also attend a nursing school if the Commission approves the curriculum.  Students may attend full or part-time.

If your major is not offered at a Maryland institution of higher education, you may apply for a unique major designation that would allow you to use our Delegate Scholarship funds for an out-of-state school.

The scholarship application must be filled out completely and returned with all the required documentation (e.g. transcripts, letters of recommendation, a short essay, etc.) to my office by May 1st, 2020.  My address is:

Delegate Brooke Lierman
House Office Building
6 Bladen Street, Room 311
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

A note on letters of recommendation: We require that your letters of recommendation be from teachers, professors, or work supervisors, and not from family or friends. The letters must include contact information for your recommender and be on official letterhead if from your school.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you in achieving your higher education goals. You can find more information on the legislative scholarship program, and other financial assistance programs run by the State of Maryland, on the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s Programs and Applications webpage. Should you have any further questions, or if I may assist you in any way with this application, please contact my office in Annapolis at 410-841-3319.