What Does the Comptroller Do Anyway?

What is the Office of the Comptroller?

The Comptroller is the elected chief accountant for Maryland. The Comptroller oversees tax collection, keeps the State’s books, disburses payments and refunds to counties and municipalities, signs the State’s checks, pays contractors doing business for the State, pays state employees, and oversees some industry regulation. As one of only three statewide independently elected officials, along with the Governor and the Attorney General, the Comptroller is a key leader in Maryland who works with state agencies, the General Assembly, and industries to make Maryland’s economy work for everyone.

    As a steward of the State’s finances, the Comptroller serves as a leader on several influential government bodies, including the Board of Revenue Estimates, the Board of Trustees of the State Retirement and Pension System, and the powerful Board of Public Works, which oversees the State’s capital projects and procurement contracts. Supported by 1,100 staff and 12 field offices across Maryland, the Comptroller has considerable influence in ensuring that Maryland’s tax dollars are collected and spent transparently, fairly, efficiently, and responsibly.


      The Office of the Comptroller plays a crucial role in ensuring Maryland is supporting financially stable workers and families, growing businesses, and creating thriving communities. Brooke Lierman is the independent leader Maryland needs as Comptroller to marshal the power of Maryland’s financial resources to work for you and all of our communities.

      The Comptroller oversees regulations related to:

      • Alcohol and tobacco sales and establishments
      • Motor fuel, home heating oil, and kerosene field inspections and quality control
      • Trade practice regulations and revenue laws related to alcoholic beverages, tobacco, motor fuel, and sales use taxes
      • Business license issues for construction companies, warehouses, restaurants and traders


      The Comptroller serves on the following bodies:

      • Board of Public Works
      • Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
      • Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority
      • Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority
      • State Retirement and Pension System
      • Board of Revenue Estimates
      • Maryland Commission on Public Art
      • Financial Education and Capability Commission
      • Maryland 529 Board


      The Comptroller administers the following taxes:

      • Personal and corporate income taxes (including employee withholding)
      • Retail sales and use taxes
      • Motor vehicle fuel tax
      • Road tax on motor carriers
      • State tobacco tax
      • Maryland estate tax
      • Excise taxes on beer, wine, and liquor
      • State admissions and amusement tax on electronic bingo and electronic tip jars
      • Local admissions and amusement tax revenues
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